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Samsung SM-G973F Galaxy S10 Android 10 Q OTA System Update XXU3BSKO poster

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Samsung SM-G973F Galaxy S10 Android 10 Q OTA System Update




2019 Nov 28


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Build Number : G973FXXU3BSKO Android version : Q(Android 10) Security patch level : 2019-12-01 One UI 2 brings you Android 10 for your Galaxy S10, with exciting new features Dark mode - Enhanced image, text, and color adjustments for day and night environments. - Darkened wallpapers, widgets, and alarms while Dark mode is on. Icons and colors - Clearer app icons and system colors. - Improved layouts for titles and buttons to eliminate wasted screen space. Smoother animations - Enhanced animations with a playful touch. Full screen gestures - Added new navigation gestures. Refined interactions - Navigate more comfortably on large screens with minimal finger movement. - Easily focus on what matters with clearly highlighted buttons. One-handed mode - New ways to access One-handed mode: double tap the Home button or swipe down in the center of the bottom of the screen. - Settings moved to Settings > Advanced features > One-handed mode. Accessibility - High contrast keyboards and layouts for large text have been improved. - Listen to live speech and display it as text. Better text over wallpapers - See text more clearly against wallpaper, as One UI automatically adjusts font colors based on light and dark areas and color contrast in the image below. Media and devices - Replaced the SmartThings panel with the Media and Devices. - Media: Control music and videos playing on your phone as well as other devices. - Devices: Check and control your SmartThings devices directly from the quick panel. Device care - The battery usage graph now provides more detailed information. - Added battery limit setting and other enhancements for Wireless PowerShare. Digital wellbeing - Set goals to keep your phone usage in check. - Use Focus mode to help avoid distractions from your phone. - Keep an eye on your kids with new parental controls. Camera - Added the ability to edit the modes that appear at the bottom of the screen. - Provided a More tab so you can quickly access hidden modes from the preview screen. - Improved the layout so you can focus on taking pictures without the settings getting in the way. Internet - Customize the quick menu to get instant access to the features you use the most. - Get more information from the app bar. - Install add-ons from the Galaxy Store to get even more features. Samsung Contacts - Added Trash feature for Contacts. Contacts that you delete will stay in the trash for 15 days before being deleted forever. Calendar - Stickers can be added to a date without creating an event. - Ringtones can be used for event alerts. Reminder - More options are available for repeating reminders. - Set location-based reminders for a specific period of time. - Share reminders with your family group and other sharing groups. - Set reminders for a specific date without an alert. My Files - Created a Trash feature so you can restore files if you delete something by mistake. - Added more filters you can use while searching to help you find things quickly. - You can now copy or move multiple files and folders to different destinations at the same time. Calculator - Added speed and time units to the unit converter. Connected car - Android Auto is now preloaded. Tips - Added tips to help you get the most from your Galaxy.

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