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Samsung SM-G935V Galaxy S7 edge Android 7.0 OTA System Update VRU4BQF2 poster

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Samsung SM-G935V Galaxy S7 edge Android 7.0 OTA System Update




2017 Jun 27


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Verizon Wireless

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The current software update gives you the most up to date Android security patches on your device and essential improvements/bug fixes. Model number: SM-G935V Baseband version: G935VVRU4BQF2 Build: NRD90M Security patch level: June 1, 2017 Android version: 7 Nougat Link Sharing notification issue fix A patch has been applied to the Link Sharing app to fix an incorrect status message that may have appeared in the Notification Panel when sending/receiving files using this feature. Video message (MMS) playback issue fix An outgoing video file may have only transmitted the audio portion to the recipient due to an error during the resizing/compression process. This software update ensures proper playback of both audio and visual portions of a video message from the recipient point of view. Google preload apps in Easy Mode All preloaded Google apps are now accessible and available for use in Easy Mode. Google preloads are Chrome, Drive, Gmail, Hangouts, Maps, Photos, Play Movies and TV, Play Music, Play Store, YouTube, and Android Pay. Random reset issue fix for VPN users (for business / enterprise customers) For B2B users using certain MDM clients, a patch has been applied to prevent any random device resets that may occur while using a proxy server via VPN. Device boot up issue fix This software update ensures proper reboot once a software update has been completed. Samsung Gear 360 connectivity issue fix Bluetooth firmware has been updated to prevent random disconnections between the phone and Samsung Gear 360 when the phone is connected to both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Visual Voicemail playback issue fix This software update fixes an issue within the Visual Voicemail app in which message playback abruptly pauses when the device is moved close to the ear. The app has now been updated to ensure normal playback. HD Voice (Wi-Fi Calling) performance improvement This software update brings performance improvements to Wi-Fi Calling (enabled through HD Voice). Google Maps error fix for Samsung Knox users (for business / enterprise customers) Knox-enabled device users may have previously seen force close issues when running Google Maps within the Knox container.

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