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RIM BlackBerry Torch 9850 Upgrade



2011 Oct 19


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Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce a new software update, 7.0 Release 1739 (App:, Platform: for your BlackBerry® Torch™ 9850. File: 9850AMEA_PBr7.0.0_rel1739_PL5.0.0.552_A7.0.0.374.exe Device Features - Improved home screen responsiveness reduces touch screen lockups. - Trackpad will respond the first time when touch screen is used to maximize or minimize the icon application grid and trackpad is clicked. - Opening an application and pressing the Back key will no longer cause the application switcher to appear. - Cursor will acknowledge and react by stopping scrolling when reaching the end of the screen. - No longer receive an “uncaught exception” error. - Proper rendering when scrolling within the Universal Search feature. - Turning off the wireless connection will not cause the device to restart unexpectedly. - Email, Messaging and Web - View SMS text messages or emails in their entirety. - When sending an SMS text message that extends to two pages, all text will appear correctly. - Text messages appear properly with the ability to download attachments, if applicable. - View Folders within the Messages application, Menu > View Folder. - Turning Geo-location on and off will no longer affect the browser application performance. - Maintain data service when moving from foreign network coverage to home network coverage. Call Features - When ending an incoming voice call, your smartphone will remain active. - Receive incoming calls without interruption. - While on a call, pressing Menu > Add Participant will properly place an additional call. - Successfully log in with your BlackBerry ID when connected to your corporate Wi-Fi network. Applications - The device will remain connected to WWAN after downloading a file using - VZAccess Manager and disconnecting the device from your computer. - City ID information displays properly with a contact’s company information - within the Phone application.

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