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Philips PR31100 Preliminary specification 1.2 poster

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Philips PR31100 Preliminary specification




1996 Aug 7


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Philips Semiconductors


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PR31100 Processor is a single-chip, low-cost, integrated embedded processor consisting of MIPS R3000 core and system support logic to interface with various types of devices. PR31100 consists of a MIPS R3000 RISC CPU with 4 KBytes of instruction cache memory and 1 KByte of data cache memory, plus integrated functions for interfacing to numerous system components and external I/O modules. The R3000 RISC CPU is also augmented with a multiply/accumulate module to allow integrated DSP functions, such as a software modem for high-performance standard data and fax protocols. PR31100 also contains multiple DMA channels and a high-performance and flexible Bus Interface Unit (BIU) for providing an efficient means for transferring data between external system memory, cache memory, the CPU core, and external I/O modules. The types of external memory devices supported include dynamic random access memory (DRAM), synchronous dynamic random access memory (SDRAM), static random access memory (SRAM), Flash memory, read-only memory (ROM), and expansion cards (PCMCIA and/or MagicCard). PR31100 also contains a System Interface Module (SIM) containing integrated functions for interfacing to numerous external I/O modules such as liquid crystal displays (LCDs), the UCB1100 (which handles most of the analog functions of the system, including sound and telecom codecs and touchscreen ADC), ISDN/high-speed serial, infrared, wireless peripherals, Magicbus, etc. Lastly, PR31100 contains support for implementation of power management, whereby various PR31100 internal modules and external subsystems can

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