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Nokia Lumia 1520.3 Windows Phone 8.1 OTA Firmware Upgrade 02061.00050.14273.33019 poster

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Nokia Lumia 1520.3 Windows Phone 8.1 OTA Firmware Upgrade




2014 Jul 24


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Nokia Lumia 1520.3 Windows Phone 8.1 over-the-air OS Upgrade 2061.00050.14273.33019 (At&t) On July 24, 2014, a new Microsoft Software Update is scheduled to be released for the Nokia Lumia 1520. This software package will update your phone to Windows Phone 8.1, and is approximately 250MB in size. The update will be delivered Over-The-Air (OTA) via Wi-Fi connection only. Improvements: - Cortana your voice-activated digital assistant - Customizable Start Screen -- Configure Live Tiles in three different sizes enables personalization of Start screen by the user -- Transparent Live Tiles allows user to set a background image that can be seen through clear Live Tiles - Camera the 20MP PureView camera is enhanced by: -- Improved Nokia Creative Studio for enhancing images -- Nokia Storyteller for organizing images by date, location and activity - One Windows Windows Phone is now unified with the Windows PC and tablet experiences and includes: -- OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) -- - Offers 7 GB of free cloud storage -- - Appears as an app on the Start Screen (formerly buried in Settings menu on WP 8) -- Skype -- - Phone dialer button to convert voice calls to video calls -- - Appears as an app on the Start Screen -- Bing Search, identify songs with Bing Music and track local happenings with Local Scout -- Office View, edit and share Word, Excel and Power Point documents, then store them in OneDrive to be retrieved on any Windows platform when they are linked by the users Microsoft account. - Xbox Windows Phone is the only phone with Xbox built in, providing entertainment options wherever you go: -- Xbox Live stay connected to gaming achievements and multiplayer action -- Xbox Music/Video with a Microsoft account, you can share music and video content across all your screens phone, tablet and PC. - Efficiency Windows Phone is optimized to help the user do more: -- Action Center Quick access to settings and notifications by swiping down from top of screen -- Word Flow Keyboard touch type or glide finger over the keyboard for fast and intuitive typing -- Battery Saver optimizes battery life on an app-by-app basis -- Data Sense Allows user to track data usage by type (cellular/Wi-Fi) -- Storage Sense shift files/apps from phone memory to SD card -- Wi-Fi Sense Set to default Off on AT&T devices; allows auto-connection to Wi-Fi networks - Internet Explorer 11 introduces private browsing and Reading Mode - Custom Volume Settings adjust volume individually for phone, ringers, alerts, etc. - Device Search easily find e-mails/SMS/files by name - Accessibility Improvements for the Visually Impaired - Office Remote display content on larger monitor via USB cable or Miracast technology What to expect after the update Although there should be no impacts to settings or data, we recommend that you back up your media files to a PC, or by using a favorite application, prior to upgrading the software. The update should take approximately 15 to 20 minutes depending on Wi-Fi speed. You wont be able to use your phone while the update installs. How to update The update package will be pushed via OTA directly to the device. You will have the option to "postpone" or "install" the update immediately to your device. The software must be downloaded via a Wi-Fi connection; it cannot be downloaded over the AT&T network. If you select to "postpone" the installation of the update, the notification will pop up again in about two days. The notification cannot be postponed permanently.

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