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Motorola Moto G Android 4.4.2 KitKat OTA System Update KLB20.9-1.10-1.9 poster

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Motorola Moto G Android 4.4.2 KitKat OTA System Update




2014 Jan 7


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This Moto G software update is for all users. After installing the software update, you will notice numerous enhancements and changes, including: Android 4.4, KitKat Android 4.4.2, KitKat, is the latest release of the Android platform. KitKat includes enhancements such as restyled status and navigation bars, a new full-screen mode, colour emoji support, improved closed captioning support, stronger security, smarter power use and more tools and capabilities for better app development. Phone dialer Improved the phone app with the ability to look up contacts directly from the dial pad, see and tap frequent contacts and search your corporate directory easily. Gallery - Photo editing Added new photo editing options to the Gallery app including new filter effects, draw on your photos, advanced cropping and adjustments to colour, exposure, contrast and more. Printing documents and pictures Added support for printing photos, Google Docs, Gmail messages and other content via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and hosted services such as Google Cloud Print and HP ePrinters. Hangouts - SMS/MMS support Incorporated a new version of Google Hangouts that supports integrated SMS/MMS messaging. Hangouts can be set as the default SMS app under Settings > Wireless > Default SMS app. Accessory support Added support for Square credit card reader.

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