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Motorola Droid Bionic XT875 OTA System Update 5.9.902 poster

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Motorola Droid Bionic XT875 OTA System Update




2012 Feb 6


ROM Update


Verizon Wireless

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Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce a new software update, 5.9.902.XT875.Verizon.en.US, for your DROID BIONIC by Motorola. Device Features - Added support for National Plus Code Dialing. - Added support for Bluetooth® Personal Area Networks (PAN). - Receive text message alerts while on voice calls without voice call interruption. - Improved audio while streaming video to a TV using the HDMI connection. - Improved Bluetooth audio when paired and connected to the device. - Improvements in device stability prevent the following: Black screen lockups, Camera multi-shot lockups, Idle resets, Multimedia dock lockups - Device is now capable of providing Verizon Emergency Alerts. - Improvements in battery life. Data Connectivity - Data connectivity and stability improvements. - Improvements in Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot download performance. Application Improvements - YouTube videos will resume play from their previous location after pausing to access the Notification Panel. - Composing a Visual Voice Mail message no longer mutes the voice call. - Messages saved with Visual Voice Mail will store to the SD card target shown on the user interface. - Visual Voice Mail improvements for message storage and deletion. - Play WAV audio files. - The following apps are now preloaded: Amazon MP3, VCAST Apps Store

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