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HTC Touch Pro2 Handwriting Update RHO09076 poster

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HTC Touch Pro2 Handwriting Update




2009 Dec 17


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This update for HTC Touch Pro2 lets you write the way you want to. Now in addition to the full QWERTY keypad, simulating a full physical keyboard experience, HTC Touch Pro2 now offers handwriting recognition to give you more flexibility in your messaging to send messages to your loved ones. AP version control -> The criterion will pass if the Touch Input for Pocket versions is equal to Version 2.1 (Build 1920.2429), or lower. To check the AP version : Press HOME then slide to Settings > All Settings > Personal > Input > Tap the arrow to the right of the keyboard icon Touch Input version then tap About> Touch Input for the Pocket PC Version Follow the instructions below to download and install the update on your device: 1. Make sure you have Microsoft ActiveSync® installed on your Windows XP PC or Windows Mobile Device Center on your Windows Vista® PC 2. Connect and synchronize your device with your PC via Microsoft ActiveSync® or Windows Mobile Device Center using the USB cable. 3. To download this update select the update below and the location closest to you then click Download. 4. Copy the update, which is an .exe file, to your device. To install the update, tap the .exe file and follow the on-screen instructions. If you perform a device hard reset, you will need to reinstall the update after the hard reset.

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