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HTC One LTE Android 4.3 OTA System Update 3.17.502.3 poster

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HTC One LTE Android 4.3 OTA System Update




2013 Oct 8


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At&t HTC One LTE 32/64GB Software update 3.17.502.3 (565.7 MB) This update contains important enhancements, including: - Android 4.3 update - HTC SDK API level: 5.45 - HTC Sense version: 5.0 Beginning Oct. 8, customers who have an AT&T HTC One® will be able to upgrade to Android 4.3 OS with HTC Sense 5 along with several important enhancements. In addition to the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean upgrade, this update also includes: - Improved notification bar with quick access to many of the most popular settings. - The integration of Instagram™ into HTC BlinkFeed. - The ability to lock the camera focus and exposure on a specific target within the viewfinder. - An updated HTC gallery user experience. - HTC Zoe® updates that include: The option to change the file format of Zoe capture to a 3-second MP4 video and one second still JPG photo. This change will significantly reduce the amount of storage space used when capturing Zoe shots. - Updated visualizer features within the HTC Music app. - The ability to add widgets to the lock screen. - New home key secondary functions to quickly access either Google Now or the menu. - New settings for the battery percentage notification. The AT&T HTC One is available in white or black with both 32GB and 64GB storage options.

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