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HP Palm TouchPad WebOS 3.0.2 OTA System Update poster

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HP Palm TouchPad WebOS 3.0.2 OTA System Update




2011 Aug 1


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Release notes for HP webOS system update 3.0.2 for HP TouchPad This article lists new applications and feature changes in software updates for the TouchPad - Wi-Fi. HP webOS system update 3.0.2 provides increased system performance and stability and addresses a number of bugs. HP webOS system update 3.0.2 offers improvements in the following areas. Core applications Calendar - Quicker Just Type event search and event creation - Improved handling of meeting cancellations Email - Faster scrolling - Improved message content and image display - Improved management of multiple emails in Draft and Outbox views Music - Reduced audio skipping when the device is running other applications - Better display of album art Photos & Videos - Added ability to set wallpapers - Faster and more reliable handling of individual photos and albums Text Assist - Improved speed and accuracy of auto-corrections Web - Increased scrolling support compatibility within web pages - Improved performance of remote HTML5 video playback - Improved responsiveness of auto correction within the browser webOS System - Fixed issues with oversensitive screen rotation Security This release addresses a number of security issues with HP webOS software.

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