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Asus A66 Padfone Android 4.1.1 System Update V10.2.1.9 poster

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Asus A66 Padfone Android 4.1.1 System Update




2013 Mar 21


ROM Update



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ASUS A66 PadFone Firmware V10.2.1.9 Only for WW SKU (Android 4.1) improvement: 1. OS upgrade to Android 4.1.1 2. Improve dictionary function 3. Improve Camera preview function 4. Improve Scrapbook function 5. Improve File Manager application 6. Improve Volume Key problem 7. Support SD card NTFS & EX Fat format Steps of Update: 1. Check SW version of your PadFone 2. Download PadFone Firmware: V10.2.1.9 Only for WW SKU and Update version of SOP (From Manual Item) Firmware update cannot do SKU conversion and downgrade version. Wrong SKU may cause update failure, You can only update your SW version on the Same SKU How to check SW version of your PadFone? Path: [Settings]-->[About PadFone]-->Build number Example: You should be able to see the build number CHT_PadFone-9.X.X.X, where CHT means SKU. File Size 579.51 MBytes

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